Pim van der Mijl is a young designer with a strong social and conceptual approach towards design. ‘I’m triggered by the experiences and interactions that our designs can generate. Experiences and interactions that establish strong memories and connect us to the unfamiliar.’ During his graduating, at the Design Academy Eindhoven, Pim developed the foundation of the social design method, ‘De Voorkamer’. A creative interactive program that works towards the establishment of a new meeting environment, providing opportunities for the integration of asylum seekers in the local society. In this final stage of his education, he felt the need to actually execute his project. ‘Facing and working with human behaviors can’t be done by only thinking and reflecting on society, real issues ask for real projects.’ With a lot of freshly acquired knowledge and skills Pim is continuing the development of ‘De Voorkamer’ to work towards the implementation of the project in a bigger scale and to explore the possibilities of social design. ‘I think Design can and should react to social issues, by using the attractive and communicative aspects of Design, our thinking can be shared with a big audience and by rethinking current structures we are able to establish a new thinking and eventually a change.’

Eindhoven, The Netherlands