A concept design for a temporaty event that would take place in the Asylum Seekers Centers across the Netherlands. The event would be organized with and for the asylum seekers families in the center and the local community nearby.

For the families living in the center, waiting for the permission to stay in NL, the definition of home has changed. The objects and materials are not their own. Home becomes where the family is together.Outline is a space made only of lines, suggesting iconic forms of a home, empty. It will be filled with stories and experiences of the visitor and the families.

The event is divided in three parts, corridor, kitchen and living room. Corridor: a photo exhibition of families portrait. Each family would design their own portrait, capturing an action they do together. The exhibition would represent the daily life, show the families in a different light, and initiate new family activities and skills.

Kitchen: a cooking workshop. The Dutch visitor will cook filled pastries together with the families. Through one dish, with many variations, each family will tell their own story.

The living: a space for conversations with a video installation. The visitor will be asked to share an advice on how to live in the Netherlands. The tips will be recorded and played in the room. This could be a starting point for a conversation, that could lead to new relationship further on.

In collaboration with
Michèle Degen and Shay Raviv .