KOTKT /work in progress

Knights Of The Kitchen Table, or KOTKT, is a student association of the Technical University Eindhoven. KOTKT focusses on Roleplaying games: Tabletop and Live Action Role Playing, the latter also known as LARP.
Through general research, several interviews, and concluding and visualising this information, I found an important value of the association.

The members have a big fascination for roleplaying. Before being a part of the KOTKT this is usually expressed in online games, within this medium, social interaction is found. After highschool, starting a studie at the University in Eindhoven, the potential members get in contact with the association and see the common interest of the members and themselves.

KOTKT is a place where online contacts are pushed back and valuable new relations are created. A place where the members socially develop through fantasy games within our reality. They learn new skills, which they can also use in the outside world.

A concep for an installation in public space. It adresses to everybody with an interest in imaginary worlds and to the surrounding public. It’s designed to reduce prejudices about LARP and to attract new members for KOTKT. The booth is seemingly a place where you can test a new game, developed by TU-students. While watching the introduction animation, elements within the animation become tangible inside the booth. Water starts pooring, lights start flashing. Then the booth starts shaking. Outside, KOTKT members pour water through holes, hit the light knob and shake the booth up and down. Towards the end of the animation the game continuous outside of the booth, thus changing from a virtual game into a game with actual interaction.